Community organizing software

An innovative software platform that enables the local community to organize and manage their member’s network and connect all parts of the community!

From community organizing help and assistance services, establishing local supply and demand networks to creating any other human-based network in order to connect people and organizations.

Community organizing software

Manage and organize the community

The community network could include, for example, local councils, associations. emergency services, utility services, neighborhood watch organizations, organizations and, of course, all local residents.

Control center (web application)

A powerful web-based app for the management, analysis and control of the network and broadcasting media-rich content to all members and users

Mobile app (for members, and/or residents)

Extremely flexible, it can be used to report or respond to a situation. At the same time, it is one of the best safety mobile apps on the market

Smart panic button (optional)

Wireless, coin-sized push-button which connects with the mobile app. It is very useful in emergencies, for the elderly and disabled

How can you use Qdrome for your community organizing?

  • With Qdrome you can broadcast a message (with pictures, videos, audio files and text) to all residents that something is happening in the neighborhood (eg a fire, help needed, crime, car accident, lost dog, or any other life-event) in a specific location, and they will instantly see it on their mobile devices.
  • Or, for example, you can only notify members of a local fire brigade and send them specific instructions, a call to action or information.
  • You can also use Qdrome to create a platform for the exchange of goods and services in the local community (supply and demand of food, services, the assistance of any kinds, etc.)
  • The possibilities are endless and you can tailor them to the needs of your community.

At the same time, every responder (eg. guard, utility company worker, social worker, volunteer firefighter, etc.) can broadcast a media-rich message with location and GPS tracking data to other responders and the Control center and report the incident, situation or completed work. 

Smart community networking

Create a community network with a tree structure and connect all parts of local communities. You can create an unlimited number of subgroups and levels. All desired organizations and services can be included in the structure of the community network.


  • Connecting and putting all needed community services, associations and organizations under one roof
  • For residents and visitors – Faster help and an extra layer of security in emergency and non-emergency situations, the possibility of mutual exchange of goods, services and information 
  • Prevention of violence, better connectivity and cooperation with residents
  • Connecting communities – reconnecting people and organizations, a sense of communion
Community organizational structure example

Built-in security and privacy features. GDPR compatible.

The platform is designed for maximum protection of users and responders. See the built-in security and privacy features.

Flexible billing depending on the number of users or a white-label solution?

We made sure Qdrome is available to as many communities as possible, regardless of size. View plans and prices.

A new service and source of income for community organizations

Use Qdrome as a new business model or to build the community. Provide a new service to your residents

Tailor the Qdrome to the needs of your community

Suitable for communities and its organizations of all sizes

Extra layer

Did you know that individuals and families can use the Qdrome mobile app as part of the community’s safety net, but also be part of the global HN community and use the same mobile application to increase their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones, their neighbors and the community? It’s as simple as switching channels on a TV!

People can make the community’s safety net even more efficient and the city a better and safer place to live.